Masoud Tayefi

Masoud Tayefi (B.Sc., M.Sc.)

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    I am a laboratory specialist in Polymer Engineering at MAPNA Generator and Wind Turbine Engineering and manufacturing Co.(PARS), having +4 years of research & academic experience as an R&D ‎Researcher, and QC Analyst. My experience draws my attention to different ‎areas such as (1) nanocomposites, (2) crosslinking of thermoplastic elastomers/elastomers, (3) composites, (4) materials analysis, and (5) adhesive ‎and coating. Dealing with various projects, I gained a valuable knowledge about ‎different analysis such as spectroscopic, microscopic, mechanical, physical, ‎thermal and rheological tests. Furthermore, having the capability of independent ‎and systematic working, I truthfully enjoy working in a team. I am friendly, multi-‎tasking, creative, and good at motivating people.