General softwares: Advanced

Microsoft Office Tools [Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher], Mendeley

Data analysis Softwares: Intermediate

OriginPro, Design-Expert

Teaching Experience:

OriginPro software


  • • Ability to perform a differential scanning test (DSC)‎
  • • Ability to perform FT-IR test
  • • Ability to work with a Brabender internal mixer
  • • Ability to work with Hot Press
  • • Ability to perform Hardness Test (Shore A and D)‎
  • • Ability to measuring gel and oil content
  • • Ability to perform a true and apparent density measurement
  • • Ability to perform solid content measurement
  • • Ability to perform and analyze the tensile test.‎
  • • Ability to perform water absorption and solvent test
  • • Ability to perform melt flow rate (MFI)‎
  • • Familiar with performing TGA, Rheology, Vicat and HDT tests
  • • Familiar with TEM, SEM, EDAX images
  • • Analyzing of low angle X-ray diffraction analysis (Low angle XRD) (determining the ‎‎morphology of nanoclay plates)‎
  • • Analyzing of wide angle x-ray diffraction analysis (WAXD) (calculate the degree of ‎crystallinity ‎of polymers)‎
  • • Analyzing of differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) analysis (calculate the degree of ‎‎crystallinity of polymers)‎
  • • Ability to analyze the results of the plots using Origin Pro software
  • • Design of experiment using Qualitek and Stat-Ease Design Expert software